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We see healthcare differently.


Every healthcare technology challenge is unique because every organization has different needs, obstacles, and objectives.​
Our healthcare teams have a sole focus: delivering top quality technical and operational solutions to payer and provider organizations. We combine our deep healthcare industry experience with advances in technology to solve our clients’ most complex problems.


Transforming Healthcare.

The pandemic accelerated technological advancement and adoption in healthcare. It’s now easier and faster for patients to procure medical services outside of the traditional four walls of the medical establishment, enhancing convenience and accessibility for all. 

Healthcare technology companies have seized this opportunity and offered innovative solutions to help patients, providers and healthcare agencies.

As healthcare systems embrace digital transformation, they are adopting digital health tools as part of their investment. Consumers value tools that help streamline and enhance their care experience and make healthcare more convenient. However, in order for the tools to be adopted, they must be embedded in workflows and smoothly transition across digital, physical and virtual environments.

Digital optimization

The process of using digital technology to improve existing operating processes or business models

Digital transformation

The process of exploiting the latest digital technologies and practices to create a new sustainable digital business model


Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) automates high-volume, repetitive tasks and allows your employees to focus on higher-value tasks.

RPA allows you to automate routine tasks quickly and cost effectively without complex changes to your existing information systems. These bots can even integrate with your existing processes such as data capture and expand the value of your automation program. ​

Our clients are experiencing three key benefits with this technology:

Increased throughput

Automated tasks are completed in seconds or minutes instead of hours or days. Even better, these bots can work around the clock delivering value to your customers.

Reduced human error

Once the bot is configured, there is no chance of making data entry or cut-and-paste errors.


Accelerated time to value

There is no long project lead time. Your team will create, test and deploy new automation schemes in hours.

How we can help​

Our teams provide advisory services and can guide you through the process of determining which processes or tasks would readily lend themselves to RPA, we can help you configure the bots to optimize your investment and minimize the deployment timeframe and speed your time to achieve the benefits.


Healthcare organizations are wrestling with changing government regulations and a fast-growing number of threats to the security of consumer data.

The Challenge

Healthcare executives’ top priority is ensuring that their organization stays within legal regulatory boundaries while securing consumer data. Organizations are using information systems to reduce costs and to improve the quality of care. Easy-to-use technology enables healthcare staff to be more mobile and efficient, but also increases potential security risks. It is necessary to ensure all these new technological developments are reliable and secure because not only security, but also patient safety can be threatened.​

HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, establishes the standard for protecting patient data including use, storage and transmittal of electronic health information. HIPAA Compliance and breach prevention is required for Protected Health Information (PHI) and both Covered Entities and Business Associates have unique challenges to overcome to meet compliance requirements.

The Solution

Health IT privacy and security is more than safeguarding data. It’s a proactive approach to be prepared for the worst case scenario. There is no silver bullet to protect data, but when it comes to privacy and security, having a strategy and the right tools in place can make all the difference.

Our Services Include:

  • Compliance Program Effectiveness Evaluations​
  • Compliance Program Design and Implementation​
  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)
  • Assistance and Due Diligence Reviews​
  • Data Privacy Reviews​
  • Security Assessments


Arkenstone Virtual Assistant (AVA)

The healthcare industry is facing a seismic disruption. They are attempting to adopt a more consumer-centric business model in a changing environment. Government reimbursements are changing from Fee-For-Service to Value-Based payments. This is driving improvements in care delivery at ever lower price points. In addition, healthcare systems face financial penalties or lower reimbursements if they fail to achieve required performance scores.


An optimal solution provides high quality, low cost and superior customer experience.


We wanted to focus on leveraging technology to improve the consumer experience within hospital systems while simultaneously collecting consumer experience data to give hospital administrators real-time information to help them make better, faster business decisions.


We looked at the leaders in other competitive industries and how they approached superior consumer service in a digital age and then determined how those lessons could be applied to the healthcare experience. Specifically, we studied Nordstrom and Amazon in retail, the Ritz-Carlton in hospitality, Disney in entertainment and Google in information processing. We were cognizant of the fact that people typically wanted to shop at these stores and have the experiences these leaders offered while the opposite was true of healthcare facilities – consumers go because they have to.


Some lessons were applicable across industries. Nordstrom clerks knew their consumer’s taste and helped them select exactly what they wanted. Amazon offered product review transparency and delivery convenience. We applied these lessons to healthcare by providing each consumer with a customized experience and valuable information about their condition and the process they were going through.


Other lessons had to be modified. When consumers went to a Ritz Carlton or to a Disney park, their emotions tended to be happiness and excitement. When those same consumers went to a hospital, their emotions were often fear and anxiety. Our technology had to address those differences in order to improve the consumer experience.


The result of these efforts is AVA – the Arkenstone Virtual Assistant. AVA is an on demand mobile service that offers internal directional guidance to the consumer’s appointment, remembers where they parked, notifies the medical office if the consumer is running late, allows mobile check-in, notifies the consumer if the doctor is running late, explains the current triage process in the ER and provides an estimated time to service. After the appointment concludes, it provides summary follow-up instructions and prescribed medications and then guides the consumer back to their vehicle.


For consumers, AVA reduces anxiety by offering valuable services and relevant information. For administrators, AVA gathers real-time information on the hospital’s current performance as it interacts with the consumer. Using natural language processing and machine learning, we gain insight into what the consumer is experiencing as they experience it. This information is aggregated and used for pattern identification and process improvement. In certain scenarios it is possible to use leading indicators to identify adverse incidents BEFORE they happen.


Instead of making business decisions using data that may be months old, AVA allows administrators see what is happening as it happens and resolve issues immediately.​

Healthcare analytics

Use data and analytics to determine which products and services lead to better patient, provider and economic outcomes.


Analytics will be central to achieving the systematic quality improvements and cost reductions demanded by healthcare reform. It requires a foundational set of analytic information systems​

Our clients that have implemented predictive healthcare analytics solutions have achieved more evidence-driven business models, improved patient outcomes and increased economic value across the health care system.​

We offer advisory services related to:

  • Outcomes Improvement ​
  • Data Governance​
  • Identifying, prioritizing and implementing your highest valued opportunities​
  • Patient and provider analytics: Insight of the patient journey.​
  • Design and deploy analytics-enabled services direct-to-patients and direct-to-providers.​
  • Achieve “real-time” feedback on your activities.

Healthcare Services

Strategic Planning & Visioning

Business events can trigger the need to confirm, refresh, or revise a healthcare organization’s IT direction.

Underperformance, new health reform mandates, or a change in leadership often trigger the need for a strategic renewal. Changes, whether they originated internally or externally, force an organization to modify or adapt its objectives. Each supporting department must then adapt in order to support the new goal. The strategic plan will help provide focus and direction for all employees to achieve your objectives.

An organization must have patience to allow a great strategy to unfold, but it must also never cling to an outdated strategy for too long. Time is not the driving factor in this situation. Your organization’s competitive position within the business environment is. Arkenstone professionals have the experience to guide your team through this process.​

New Technology Implementation

Arkenstone staff approach technology as an enabler. We combine technical experts with healthcare business acumen to find solutions for our clients that work.

Waves of new technologies are entering the marketplace, but which one offers the most value to your organization? Arkenstone can help you answer that question and then ensure that your implementation is successful.

With any new technology, but especially with healthcare technology, there are a few critical success factors that need to be followed to ensure that your technology implementation brings the value that you expect.

You must have a clear objective for why you are implementing the technology — Anytime you introduce a change to your technical platform, you introduce a risk of something going wrong. Our provider clients all know this is true with treating patients, and it holds true with systems. Reducing this risk starts with having a valid reason for making the change.

Define clear requirements for what the technology needs to do — if you can imagine it, we can build it. Our software engineering tools will even allow you to watch the technology progress. This transparent and iterative approach saves our clients time and expense.

Control risks to improve project outcomes – We have the tools, methodologies and experience to guide you through any technical implementation.

Program/Project Management

Large-scale healthcare technology investments require significant project management planning.

Arkenstone has expertise in systems implementation. We have seasoned experts in the planning, design, integration and testing of complex systems. We can help you integrate a new product with your existing systems, or guide you through the process of designing and developing a custom-built system that meets your exact needs.

Our professionals are PMP-certified with years of large-scale implementation experience. They are trained in multiple systems development life cycle (SDLC) methodologies that they can bring to bear on your project. We have decades of experience and can recommend an approach that will ensure your project’s success.

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