The Air Force has used flight simulators for decades to train its pilots. It offers moderate realism in a safe environment so that pilots can learn and hone their flying skills. Although they have been an effective training technique, the cost of simulator technology  (over $20 million each), put the simulation training technique out of reach of most organizations.

Until now.   

Arkenstone has taken that same simulator approach for first responder Emergency Medical Training. Artificial Intelligence and Mixed reality technology have advanced, and the price points lowered, so we are now able to use them to develop training scenarios for EMS and other first responders in virtual and augmented reality. Our approach allows us to efficiently prototype scenarios and make the training realistic and cost effective.

Combat flying and emergency medicine are similar in that you never want to be in a position where you run out of skill. Arkenstone is creating the most realistic tools to support first responder training. 

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