Hornet Solutions is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that offers predictive analytics for helicopter and ground emergency medical services (HEMS/GEMS). The platform uses historical and live data with a machine learning algorithm to predict when and where HEMS/GEMS may be needed. The analysis produced can provide command staff with dashboard information that reduces the time to the patient and optimizes the flying operations.

The concept was developed to solve a complex problem for a HEMS client that needed to optimize their EMS resources. Arkenstone continued experimenting with the platform and discovered that the inclusion of live data as leading indicators could predict catastrophic events, like car crashes, that required EMS. Further experimentation with the DoD for SOFWERX led them to also realize the platform could optimize large numbers of drones, or swarms.

What problem does it solve?

The baseline software provides data analytics for Command Staff decision support. The predictive analytics uses machine learning on large data sets to optimize flight operations, improve service range, decrease time to the patient, minimize flight time, and provide “What-If” functionality.

In addition to supporting HEMS/GEMS operations, the same platform can be used to optimize the locations, and performances, of drone fleets to maximize the objective; from covering the maximum acres to delivering items to the most households in the shortest period of time.

Hornet Solutions is a joint venture between Arkenstone Technologies and Kingfisher Services. Both are SDVOSB veteran-owned businesses.